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Mark Edgemon has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts, as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

Contact Mark through his website, Creator and the Catalyst.

Bed Side Manor

The young caddy is catty before the second round.
"Doc, how many kick backs to buy these new clubs?"
"They're a gift," the doctor replied.
"A corporate donation as it were." he said smiling
"Your new metallic, grey BMW is sporty.
Another corporate incentive," he insinuates handing him the next iron.
"Mrs. Bendemault's surgery put the keys in my pocket," the physician smirked.
"An hour on the table and then three on the course," the doctor touted. "Oooh yeah, the woman who died, I read about that.
What a shame," the caddy sighed gravely.
"Medicine is not an exact science,
I always tell my patients," the doctor said defensively.
"Before or after they die," the arrow struck it's mark.
"Mal-practice makes Mel perfect," Doctor Melvin smarted off.
"Say doc, what is it you're taking.
That's the third dose this hole," the caddy observed.
"Uppers in the morning, downers by my bedside.
They keep me going," the physician answered.
"A pharmaceutical replacement for a conscience, that constantly needs a refill," came the sarcastic reply.
"Call the hospital," Doctor Melvin said alarmed,
"I may have taken too many!"
"No," Satan replied. "You took just enough.
What do you want me to do with this club?  
The End


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