Anthony James Being You-Man
Poetry By Anthony James
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Being You-Man
Poetry By Anthony James

if you knew me whole,
my heart and Soul,
what could you do with me?

could you say the words I need to hear?
could you stop the blood I bleed from fear?
would you hold my hand and lead me there?

if i were in a bind, lost and blind
could you free me whole?
renew my Soul in time?

if you knew me whole,
my heart and Soul,
what would you do for me?

could I call on Thee,
for You to see, what is wrong in me?
could you then, somehow,
do something, to set me free?

What a thing it'd be,
to, again, be free,
alone I think 'how could this ever be'?
If true somehow, could I ever thank Thee?

not magic, not a trick
Jesus, Love, and Mercy
The Miracle.

a most complex route to take
of images and voices in dreams
touching the deepest, buried parts of my heart
uncovering the closest parts I am to God
I am from God, Of God, My Father Knows me-
My Father shows me-

empowered whole-
damaged Soul- Oh Jesus
My hand You hold-
Through this thing, I am Free!

This lesson will be told.

it is clear, most assuredly,
that all things are possible with God!

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