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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Believe in Yourself
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Why canít we do the things when we would like to.
Is it because we are afraid of anything new?
Or is it because past inhibitions make us frightened to act?
Statistics prove that fear of accomplishment is a well-proven fact.
How do we deal with and wrestle with this impasse.
How can we achieve the confidence that will last?
We need to know that we can deal with projects that knock at our door.
You will be surprised at the inner strength that you have in store.
Dismiss all critics that blame you and say itís your fault.
Listen to your inner guidance you have locked up in a vault.
Believe in yourself is what we must come to realize.
It is always helpful to meditate and visualize.
Let go of past fear and prejudices that have bind us tight.
Get ready for one of lifeís biggest fights.

© Andrew Pell 03/08/08

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