Andrew PellIt’s not always Black and White
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It’s not always Black and White
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Sincere thanks to Rabbi Mordechai Becher for his fine article “It’s not always Black and White” -  “mutar or assurin the journal “Inyan” that inspired me to write this poem.)

It is a true statement that there are those who see everything in Black and White.
“mutar or assur”
There is some truth to this approach in certain areas of emunah.
However there are many shades in between the Black and White spectrum.
This is indeed a conundrum at first reading of this learned article.
However it is clear to those who are moral and faithful.
A situation may be right for one family and wrong for another.
However its ways are ways of pleasantness and ways of peace.
Assess the situation before you make an informed decision.
Then there will never be hurt or derision.
It there is any misunderstanding, talk to one another.
If you communicate in a loving way, such wonders will unfold.
Do not be timid or forceful, Please take the middle road of love
If we compromise instead of seeing everything in everything in Black and White,
We build a bridge that we can both walk across.
Things are not always Black and white, because there are many shades in between.
We should take the middle path, to fulfil our dream.

(c) Andrew Pell 10/04/2020

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