Anthony James Blown Out
Poetry By Anthony James
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Blown Out
Poetry By Anthony James

The slightest breeze intact
Will douse this light
Just a flicker, of fire
Wick in the wax
Open the doors
And the window's wide
I'm shutting down
All vital signs
Won't someone come and wake me?
Into my room, and shake me?
Someone new or strange
Like a beautiful angel
~articulating my name~
My bones are so close to the skin
I haven't eaten a loving meal in years
Nor walked among a loving kin
Oh seas by the stars
Let me swim
Oh gravity let me go
Oh Heaven, let me in
She has left me
She never wept, anew
I know I asked her if she left me?
And I know she said
"No, I kept you"
~ alas, alas, my breeze ~

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