Book Report
Poetry by Peter Menkin

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Book Report
Poetry by Peter Menkin

Reading a book about God tells me
He is Holiness, Qodesh,
the End of creation, the Wholly Other.

I am flesh, soul, and spirit.

So says “The Benedictine Way”,
a book about living.
Tell me, what does this book say:
Man must face God.
The tremendous awesomeness,
a monk writes.

This before lovableness of Christ’s humanity.
The monk’s words. So goes my review.
Day sun to evening and night moon,
we tend our weeks,
recognizing the difference
between God and self.

In the poverty that lies
of my sorrow,
I asked with the bended
knee of my heart
for gifts as Solomon
did when he asked of You

Wisdom day, I want to know
this rhythm living
with You.

Some wonderfully enter
into spectacular celebration
on Sundays that is a feast,
and I am waiting
to know some of this incredible
let my prayer rise like
a sweet savor,
incense that is happiness.
Discovery, you are the Vine,
and there is such celebration!

I called out in the Church,
Reveal Yourself, O my God!
I am needy and seek You.

In the quiet part of day,
towards sunset,
hear me.
My sorrow brings
me a lowly heart. May
I know this lowly heart
in your poverty.
I have met You
in others.
They invite me
with an ache. Heart.
Mine. Give me
Accept me.

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