Anthony James The Broken Heart Of A Christian
Poetry By Anthony James
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The Broken Heart Of A Christian
Poetry By Anthony James

I didn't know about things such as
sensuality -
in a blank stare
I was not aware

I wanted to hug her,
in affection
but she moved
in a funny way
I looked at her
and her face changed

'what is this, I wondered'

completely, distant
she became embarrassed
I didn't even know what 'beauty' was, then

just that she was my friend
I suppose, in this way

I loved her.

but, without, sensuality

left to introspect
I had no resource
of which to draw
a single conclusion.

not that I didn't like her
I loved her.

Godly love,
is not of this earth...

No, fleshly lust
and lips and tongues
holding her close to me
hearing her breath
smelling her hair
and kissing her passionately

lost, somewhere in it all...

but why didn't we both know?

that we were supposed to marry?

I knew.

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