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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

Can't man enjoy without taking? See without harming? Love without destroying?

Why does one man consider his Brother lesser than himself? Aren't we all God's children? Are we not equal in God's eyes?

Why is one man's religion Better than another's? Isn't man imperfect? Is it not man who interprets the Bible? Who invents religions? Why can't man see that God

Why can't man respect? Why can't man accept? Doesn't man have the world At his feet? Is he not going forward with

Has man left his heart in the Cave? Has he lost his common Sense? His sense of fair play? Has he ever had one?

All nature lives in harmony! And each creature is a link to Another.... And each learns to live with his Brother.... Why can't MAN??!!.......

(c) M. Linda Steffey 1990

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