Anthony James Catharsis
Poetry By Anthony James
A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from

Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.

Poetry By Anthony James

Harmonious music travels in through my ears-
then, downward, in a stream content,
every note ripples upon my heart-
my soul is listening too-
In this, I lose my fears, I find my tears-

My soul is comforted-
to the Angel's trumpeting-

And now I want to write-

My pen dances again-
in a hundred notebooks of old songs-
writing of my wrongs-
coming around- to the power of poems
that are born of songs- I feel at home-
and I'm healing this work-horse of a Soul-
all along-

October 1, 2010. Anthony James , All rights reserved

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