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Poetry By Anthony James

There I see, I am.
I see all I had seen
With the eyes of my flesh
I stand apart.
They said in their heart, of me
That I were an unfortunate, man.
They did not grant me, credence
Nor the signed consent of their heart
To be a friend to me.
Oh, Lord
All my lonely tears
You did count.
All my broken heartedness
You do, remember.
Now, this time is finished.
Fully, lived out.
Now, they are gathered.
To Truth.
And they see me.
They wonder why do I appear to them
This way.
My chest is like a Fire
And they look to one another
As men confused.
My Father walks Forth
He is by my side.
Jesus Christ.
And A Fire Blows Forth
Of His Heart, As an Inferno.
And they know,
That I am His son.
A son of God.
They recall my Testimony.
And their own disregard of it.
I turn then.
For all whom Christ did preach to
With no effect, appear before us...
And countless souls
Who were given Testimony
By Christ
And The Children of Christ, appear.
It is true, Jesus sent us into the world.
And we all did Testify

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