Andrew PellConcentric Circles of love and peace
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Concentric Circles of love and peace
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Concentric circles start at the very centre and spiral out to the furthest one,
As Children we spent hours drawing these images that had such a hypnotic affect.
Homework more important we tended to neglect.
We were mesmerised these continuing circles.
Some were coloured some were black and white.
Watching and drawing them before we went to bed at night
Throwing pebbles into the sea.
Filled us with wonder and full of glee
As adults they may remotely fascinate us
However Concentric circles of love and peace,
Give some stranger a hug or a Kiss.
They intern will give someone else a hug and a Kiss.
It will never go remiss.
It starts from you and moves on to the next person.
Reverberating and creating even more circles.
Concentric circles of love and peace knows no end
It is neither rude and never offend.
Show love and peace watch it flow from the centre of your heart.
Friends and relationships will never part.

(C) Andrew Pell 30/04/2018

concentric circles

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