Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

To your soul do speak this day.
Tell to your soul your lies as well.
Then listen and hear what it has to say.
How it pleads to be saved from hell.

Feel your soulís mournful weep.
Hear how in pain it does cry.
Morn for the promise you fail to keep.
Feel the pain as your soul does die.

Listen as your lies cut as with a knife.
Hear the scream of dear God not me.
Feel for it as your soul ebbs out its life.
Deep in your heart know it need not be.

Feel within your heart your soul true desire.
To be free of the pain from the lies you tell.
Feel its pain as itís touched by Hellís fire.
Know how you who have condemned it to hell.

Written April, 8, 2011

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