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Connectivity and Receptivity
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Andrew Pell poetry connectivity

In this world of technology, we have iphones, I pads and the internet.
Communication everywhere is a sure bet.
The world is smaller, the community is global.
Sometimes it doesn’t appear very noble.
We can send a message to a man in space.
Everything these days is always at a frenzied pace.
We all have become masters of instant texting
Anxiously waiting for the immediate response it will bring.
The world these days is 24/7.
But even this sophistication cannot reach heaven.
God contacts us every second of every day.
We are so preoccupied we never hear what God has to say.
God does not need the latest mobile devices to reach us.
He speaks to us in quietness and without fuss.
All we need is to quiet ourselves and pray.
Then we will hear what God has to say.
Turn off your mobile device for a brief second.
Then you will be able to talk to God in Heaven.
Spend time talking to God and take in his wonderful creation.
His words and world will fill you with revelation and elation.

© Andrew Pell 24/06/2014

Andrew Pell poetry connectivity

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