Anthony James Crowns Upon Crowns
Poetry By Anthony James
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Crowns Upon Crowns
Poetry By Anthony James

Lamb of God
Thy fleece is white as snow.
Upon Thy Head
Many Crowns, Aglow!
Crown of Life
Crown of Love
Crown of Forgiveness
Savior, Crown
Redeemer, Crown
Healer, Crown
And Crowns upon Crowns
Oh God.
Oh Lamb,
Thy Heart is Pure.
Ye knew me,
And Loved me
Oh Mystery.
I Trust You!
Oh God
Ye show me.
Crowns upon Crowns...
How Glorious is Your Love
In the High Halls of Heavenly Mansions
Thy Glory is Abounding
We Love You God
We Love You God...
Ye picked me up
When I cried on the earth...
When I died in the dirt
Ye lifted Thy cup
And poured Mercy
And I was Born Again.
Of Thy Spirit
Which Truly loves me.
Your Kingdom Come Quickly
Your Will Be Done
On Earth, As It Is
In Heaven.
In Heaven.

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