Andrew PellDeath came as a consequence of Sin
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Death came as a consequence of Sin
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We lived in a paradise but because of Sin we received Godís punishment,
Adam and Eve had everything in that garden of peace and love.
For eternity they had such divine peace and bliss.
As soon as Sin entered in, paradise was no more.
Everything they had before was now gone and nothing will ever be the same.
We are born and we live our time and then we die.
But God did not forget us and did not stop loving us.
Because of this original Sin there was no longer a paradise on Earth.
God in his love sent Christ to pay the penalty of sin.
What a beautiful Divine Act this was yet this is historical fact.
Christ arose from the grave and spread the message about Godís Divine Love.
No words can fully describe the Sacrifice that was made.
Death came as a consequence of the original Sin.
Christ paid the ultimate penalty for our transgression.
The third day Christ arose and after that ascended to our heavenly Father.
Father we thank you for your Divine love that you shower upon us.
Walk with me dear Lord and please take me by your hand.
Walk with me dear Father across the timeless sand.
On the day of Divine intervention and Judgment,
We all will be raised again to see your glory.

© Andrew Pell 27/01/2021

Jesus on the cross
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