Anthony James Death And Resurrection
Poetry By Anthony James
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Death And Resurrection
Poetry By Anthony James

Death and Resurrection

My dear Jesus
You, who Loved us first...
So much.
And we did not even know
Just how much.
For we loved, You
But You loved us first,
Dear, Jesus.
What would You do?
What could You do?
This, of Souls,
And good and evil.
Could You, Yahweh
Would You, Yahweh
Die for us?
Could You, even
Explode in Sorrow
Like a big bang?
And all that Love, which is God
Come burst forth into a Universe?
And did Thou, then God
In Spirit sit in darkness?
Mourning and weeping
Of Thy little Children
Swept into death,
By the wicked world
Like a thing to be used
And thrown away-
~Your Beloved Children~
Thou Art Angry Father
Even Thy Teeth Art Clenched
Let the world put her head down
For God Is Melting With Rage
A Pressure, Unforgiving
A Pounding Heart Like A Flurry
My God, My God
What Have They Done
What would You do, Dear Lord?
What could You do, Dear Lord?
You did Think on this, God.
I can feel You and even see-
And even, I, can feel some of this sorrow
Of this defeat, of the innocent ones
Of the meek, Your beloved ones.
My God, I love You.
And I know what You did, my God
For You did Come down from Heaven
Born a man, of flesh..
You became the Son of Man
God in the Flesh.
Named by God...
~ Jesus Christ ~
The Good Shepherd Is Here
The Warrior Is Born
The Warrior Is Born
In A Barn
Praise To You God
Praise To You God
Praise To You, God
Thou Came For Yours...
Separate From This World
Your Sheep-
And You My Lord
I, even I Know
Whisk Through The Air
And You Know, satan Is There
"he has no hold on You"
But You Know He Is There
I Know Lord, That You Whisk
Through and Through
The Darkest Valley's
The Depths Of The Wilderness
There, I See You!
Thou Heareth Our Cries
"Abba, Father"
We Are Lost, And Dying
Even On Our Deathbeds, Crying
Thou Rod And Thou Staff
I See.
Taking Hold Of Me
Pulling Me Into Thou Light
I Am Nearly Dead, Papa In Your Arms
And You Yell A Thunderous Cry
And You Weep
And I Die
On The Cross
With You Father
And Every Child Of Yours
Dies On The Cross With You, Father
In The World
As You Did, Father
(For We Love Each Other, Father)
So, You Showed Us
Even God To Die As We Would Die
By The World
"What greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends"
And You Showed The World, Jesus
Death On The Cross
And You Showed The World
Resurrection From The Dead
And That God
Saves His Beloved, Dead By World
God Chooses.
Jesus Baptizes
Oh, Jesus
And We Are ALL Alive Again
In The Light Of Christ
To Live In Spirit As One
In Heaven
Forever And Ever
For We Were Never Of The World, Father
Never For Satan
But For God.
Repentant Sinners
~Through The Gospel Of Jesus Christ~
We Are The Dead And Resurrected
Of The World
~The Saved~

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