Death Of Divinity
By David Lee Verbryke
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Death Of Divinity
By David Lee Verbryke

No common horse,
I could think of nothing of more worth,
Her hair was a healthy bay and lovingly coarse,
Her eyes were set with such brilliance,
She had so much resilience,
Divinity passed over with no warning,
For everybody was crying,
For in an awkward way, she had been born into mind,
She was definitely of a rare kind,
She ran the Leader's Line,
I was going to bawl my eyes out and whine,
I had just seen her a few moments ago,
I felt retardedly slow and low,
Say it were not so,
Divinity is a symbol of fragile life,
For in Heaven, she will thrive.

I wrote a poem about a year ago that was about one of my family's horses who tragically died. We still haven't gotten over her death (which we will never do). This poem is for Divinity and all those who are mourning the death of their pets.

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