Andrew PellDisappointment of Complacency
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Disappointment of Complacency
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

How sad it is when we become complacent of things that matter.
Sometimes a proactive thought we have, we ignore and scatter.
God gave us a body and mind to move forward boldly.
At times we do not worry about things that happen.
There is a very real disappointment of complacency.
By taking action and moving forward it shows that we care.
By not taking affirmative action in life I am sure that is not God would decree.
Prayerfully moving forward without anger I am sure that is what God would like to see,
Making a decision to move forward on any issue can be liberating and can set you free.
Be positive in prayer because God really does care.
Be proactive in prayer if you dare.

Andrew Pell 07/01/2021

faith begins
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