Anthony James Don't Quit
Poetry By Anthony James
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Don't Quit
Poetry By Anthony James

I came with a smile into this;
trusting and caring-
my heart was right, when I approached
I am not of this place-

time and time again,
I have been rejected-
tears and lonesomeness have
shared my pillow

prayers and tears-
upon my hurt-
covering my sorrows
with hope and melting my
God given identity into, uncared for, tears

and I go on-
the morning sun rises-
in this I wonder how?

and I ponder on the thought
of a life like this?
and if this emotional scar will last
my life-
and it will, somehow-
a file that never shreds-
full of documented proofs
that my hurt in the flesh is
everlasting of the flesh-

and a part of me is crucified-
and I have been placed aside-
and forever more in the flesh-
my wings will not fly-

and in this, I try-
and in this, I try-

to understand the question of my life-


and in this an answer comes-

"Don't Quit"

and in this I know

The Redeemer and Defender-

The Lord, Jesus Christ!
The King Who Is My Harbour In The Tempest

March 31, 2011 Anthony James , All rights reserved

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