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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Earth Changes
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The lightning will flash from East to West
This will happen at my behest
Cataclysmic changes are about to transform your world.
My wrath and anger is about to be unfurled.
Land Mass will sink into the sea.
Your misuse of my world now you will see.
The sun will set twice in one day.
My children you will no longer have a say.
I will purify the planet once more.
As I have done many times before.
These changes must take place for healing.
Your arrogance and darkness have sent this planet reeling.
But these changes will not last long.
At the end of it, you will give up your old ways and no more do wrong.
My perfect world will once more be there.
You will learn my children I do care.
The pain will be short, but the peace will be long.
In your hearts you will once more join in song.
The physical force will now come into play.
Your planet will turn and sway.
In my world you were an invited guest.
You have toiled hard and long and soon will enjoy a rest.
My Kingdom is always expanding through time.
The Universe is mine.
You have brothers and sisters in many worlds and dimensions
The day will come when there is no more dissension.
Be at peace.
My love for you will never cease.
Each one of you is precious to me.
Each one of you will clearly see.
Be at peace my children, be at peace.
Experience my presence feel the release.
I am the waters of life, the eternal stream
Stop for a moment quench your thirst, it is not a dream.
I am as real as the road you walk.
Clear your mind listen to me talk.
You will become the perfect being you were meant to be.
Wonders you will be able to accomplish all for me.
Accept your divine birth right
Do not be limited by your present sight.
Feel the wind you know its there.
Embrace my presence, for I am there.
The planet will be re stored to its rightful place.
You will bond together as a loving race.
Do not worry about your pets, they will be fine.
They have a superior sense, they know they are mine.
Be at peace the darkness will not last.
A light will shine that will be your mast.
I am that light that illuminates your mind.
I am the one that sets you free when you’re in a bind.
Be at peace, be strong.
With me at your side, there can be no wrong.
Be at peace.

(c) Andrew Pell 29/04/2004

Andrew Pell poetry earth changes
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