Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

If you love not enough to say good bye:
Someday you may be destined to cry.
Tears of great sore for what you did not do.
A memory forever left to haunt you.
A sad memory of what you failed to say.
The loss of a love you allowed to slip away.

If to one you love you fail certain words to say.
Someday a great many tears may come your way.
Tears of sadness filled with great pain.
For kind words to a loved one you did refrain.
A memory of your failure to carry till you die:
Thoughts upon which; you shall forever cry.

For only God knows what is to be each day.
So let not a moment to show love slip away.
Speak of love and take time to say good bye.
Heed such thoughts so as not someday to cry.
Love each other until death do you part.
Say a happy good bye as itís easier upon the heart.

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