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I was born With
The gift of the Gab
Silver tongue Devil
Rambunctious Lad
Drunkin' Swaggered
Is all I may Be
But Cosmic Wisdom
Sets me Free
Yin and Yang Balance
Harmony to the Core
Humans of this World
Forget that and More
With their weapons of War
They kill their own Kind
With Knives and Forks
On all they Dine
I wish to Leave
This land of Sin
My eyes flow Like
Torrential Rain
Every waking Moment
I hear their Screams
Feel the Pain
For Man and Animals
Weep the Same
To a Cosmic Lord
Of Creation and Life
This World I Disdain
Seeing how they Slaughter
All my sacred Children
It's hard to Refrain
Release the Demon
Deep within my Being
Extinguish your Kind
Forever More
So set my Children Free
The Cosmic Order May
Grant you a Reprieve
Heed our word Not
All shall open and See
We will set on You
In a geological Way
Welcome Famine
Pestilence and Plague
For you are no Better
Than a rancid Disease
For Mark my Words
Earthquake and Tsunami
We will cast with Ease
As I wave and Flow
Soft as a gentle Breeze
Cosmic forces Will
Bring you to your Knees
For we gave you a Gift
Which we can take Away
Yet humble is our Way
So you have a Choice
Your fate is your Own
Actions choose our Course
Like eternity Itself
You can never Flee
We created the Fabric
Of your bodily Form
Gave the power to Breathe
Yet soon I must Leave
Think and choose Well
The stars in the Sky
Our Cosmic Eyes
Trillions of light years Away
Hear all that you make Scream
We wish not to Be
Your worst Dream
Yet with the flick of a Pebble
The dinosaur went Away
So you could take the Throne
Generously we Gave
Do not frown on Us
Greatest folly it Be
Turn your back on Life
Disregard your own Creation
To kill this sweet Earth
And all that roam Free
Is to sever your own Throat
Continue in your killing Way
Ye shall be Next
The sacrificial Goat
All Life is Sacred
Born to be Free
The celestial Plan
There is room for All
Animals and Man
Brothers and Sisters
You truly forever Be
We created you All
With gentle cosmic Breeze
Enjoy the Wonders
On this world they Abound
Appreciate what you Have
We need not your Worship
You are not our Slaves
I was sent here to See
To walk among You
Cease to destroy Life
Truth is Salvation
There is light and Dark
What you embrace Will
Manifest in your Heart
You are all one Nation
All our sacred Creation
If humans do not Change
They will fade Away
This warning to You
You must alter your Ways
Yet continue to Slay
Slaughter innocent Animals
We shall make Haste
And usher in Your
End of Days
 ~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 05/16/13

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