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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Epistle to a Beautiful Lady
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Part 1

I gaze into your eyes,
I see the sun, moon and stars high above.
Your very presence radiates the essence of the God of love.
When you are near, I escape the harsh realities of the present
And find solace in a mystical place.
There in my heart I see the image of your lovely face.
Then when I see you, the earthly trials and tribulations dissipate.
Our friendship and paths crossing is but karmic fate.
We were friends in a past life; we will be friends in some future time.
To live those experiences again will be truly sublime.
No one knows whether our friendship will be long,
But each and every day is a beautiful song.
You are a person of great renown.
You truly deserve a golden crown.
You are the sunlight so soft and bright,
That fills my heart with such delight.
Friends forever I pray that we will be,
Friends forever, eternally.

Part 2

I think of you in the morning hour,
I see you in a most exquisite flower.
The way you laugh, the way you speak.
Helps me reach the highest peak.
I shouldn’t be telling you how I feel,
My thoughts and feelings are very real.
Life takes us down many many roads.
Each of us at some time carries a very heavy load.
But once in a while we experience Camelot in our very own way.
It is like the dawning of a brand new day.
My admiration and love for you will never diminish.
This epistle I now must finish.

Part 3

To have you as a friend, is far more precious than gold.
It helps my journey and cares to unfold.
I will remain at a distance, or come very near,
The path I must take is not very clear.
I am a friend that you can trust completely.
I will always be there for you if you need me.
You and I are destined to become the best of friends,
Whatever the pain, a good friend will mend.
All good wishes to you I truly send,
I hope this epistle does not offend.
Now once again, I must close this letter.
I hope my honesty will make things better.

Part 4

Now it is late at night, I sit alone and weep.
My only escape is a very deep sleep.
I am haunted by the past, for time moves very fast.
I have now come to the present, how long will this happiness last.
I think of you in the twilight time.
The reality of the present makes no sense or rhyme.
You have awakened my soul and made me fly.
I transcended time and reached the sky.
Time stands still when I see you smile.
It is burnt in my heart and stays a while.

Part 5

I wish you happiness in all your life,
I pray and wish there will never be strife.
You are a worthy person, a blessed spirit of light,
God has called you to great service, because you are always so bright.
Time will come and time will go,
Your outpouring love and compassion will never be slow.
I am blessed beyond full measure,
To have you as a friend is the greatest of treasure.
My soul has been touched by your golden smile,
For you I would walk that extra mile.
Now truly this epistle must end,
To you loving thoughts I will send.

Part 6

It is Saturday. I am visiting a friend.
This person was recently awarded an OAM.
A kindly man, a Father figure to admire,
His spirituality will set your heart on fire.
A man of great wisdom, and acute understanding.
This man in heaven will be a great king.

Part 7

It is Sunday.
The Choir came forth with the Processional cross.
The empty cross-epitomised my great loss.
Sorrow is transitory and will not last.
I focus on your happy demeanour. The hours just fly past.
The Organ thundered “ All people that on Earth do dwell.
God’s gift of love the world I will tell.
God’s gift of friendship is a beautiful thing.
My Friendship to you will always make my heart sing.
Once again I must finish this epistle of mine.
To you, I know your life will always shine.

“Friends forever I pray that we will be;
Friends forever eternally.” 

(c) Andrew Pell 20/04/2020

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