Anthony James Eternal Life
Poetry By Anthony James
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Eternal Life
Poetry By Anthony James

I suppose you were chosen
To do a job.
You are an evil one, Satan.
Fallen one.

Your ways you did, show me
Your pleasures
Did I taste of...

Lust of the flesh
Consuming all the women
And the women sell their souls
For you.

To your dying breath
Your spirit will not rest
God the Father of all Spirits
Has to make difficult decisions..

And He makes them.
He keeps His Home.

We have a Father
If we reject Him
He will weep.

If we accept Him
His Son, will we seek.

And He will arrive
Where do you live?
He will be with you,
In your room, there...

You will not see Him
Nor all them with Him
They are 1 Realm beside you

The Spiritual Realm-

When Christ Baptizes you heart.
A Ceremony of Salvation.
A personal Acceptance

As a son of on the One True God.

Before our Savior leaves...
His Angels will flutter about Him
One will hold a Book
Another a Quill

And your Father will write your name in
The Book Of Life.

What a Gift.
For you...

Who Believed.

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