Walterrean Salley poetry imageEveryday Miracles
By Walterrean Salley
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Everyday Miracles
By Walterrean Salley

Miracles happen
Every day
To many a folk
In many a way.
Theyíre not hidden
Beneath a tree,
But manifested
For all to see.

A mother giving
Sacred birth.
A flower shoots up
From the earth.
A wanderer
Who finds his way.
A survivor
Sees another day.

A beggar gets
His next meal.
A patient thatís
Completely healed.
The ocean with
Its shades of blue.
The sky with
A many hue.

And every day,
Miracles happen
In every way.
You donít have
To travel faró
Just look around
And there they are.

© 2012 Walterrean Salley

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