Anthony James Every Night
Poetry By Anthony James
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Every Night
Poetry By Anthony James

what will we do?
live fast, die young?
the curse is true-

bitten by night
the clubs seem nice
the drugs seem right
the rest of life,
a fright

close the blinds
that close the mind
sleepy eyes.. sleeping tight

through the sun light...

again and again
will it ever end?
friends and friends
how does this end?
where did it begin?
homeless and free
living off each other
employed by sin
and it pays good!

of hugs and drugs
and running mascara
these little ones
who will rescue them

they are all crying

clinging close
against the zombie suits
and running away
to sleep the day
all the way through!

night, my night.. my bright
a love affair
getting higher
getting tired

our fading eyes,
they're just in time
the teenagers have arrived

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