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Poetry By Anthony James
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Eye Salve
Poetry By Anthony James

~Salvation Humbles~
I have found that to be Truly Humbled
Is to be in God's Presence.
Why would this be so?

Well, Jesus said "I Am The Truth"
I died from a prescription pill addiction some years back.
I went to a place where I was in a cage.

Somehow, I was separate from myself
In some kind of quantum time shift
Where I lived and experienced Fire all over me

Then, taking forward in time
I was able to be present at the spectacle
Where I watched along with many other Spirits
Unquenching Fire all over me.
When I came to a this spiritual 'conscious state'
In the Spiritual Realm I did not think to feel out of place
But rather felt a calm sense of belonging.
Calm, no anxiety or worldly thoughts inundating my mind.

~A Peaceful Place~
~A Peaceful Me~

I watched as this young man
He had a beard was in unquenching fire.
And I commented on him as he breathed shallow breath
Through the fire that was upon him like a heavy blanket...

"he is strong" I said.

When I returned to this 'physical realm'
It was a seamless entry and I had arrived
Back here in the instance my physical eyes had opened
From slumber.

But it was no dream that I had.
I had died and was instantly in the spiritual realm
And I was on Fire in a cage.

Only when I was back here in the physical realm
Did I realize "it was me"
And I wept and sobbed for many weeks
Even into months, daily.

In eight weeks I was completely
Free from the thousands of pills
That I had ingested and was toxically addicted to
For eight years.

What am I now?

I am a Born Again Christian
Testifying of the Lord, Jesus Christ's Salvation.

How has this humbled me?
Here is Wisdom.
When our Spirit leaves our flesh out of this world
In physical death.

We are instantly in the Spiritual Realm.
This is God's Realm!
Dead of the flesh
We are in God's Presence

In God's Presence (Praise You Jesus)
We KNOW what we are.


We know in Truth that we deserve Death.
And we know in Truth what we really are without Christ
No matter who we were or are in the physical world.

We are dead without Jesus.

And this is Humbles
Because when Eyes are Opened By Christ

The World is and every thing in it
Including me... does NOT have meaning
By itself.

It is only that Christ will Save us here, or not.

It Humbles to know what I Truly am on my own
As a man.

I am nothing but a child whose hands stretched out

When Jesus asked me if I wanted Eternal Life.
And as a child, which is what we all are in Truth
I stretched out my hands and He Gave Me Salvation.

And the Angels Rejoiced.
I am part of their Family.

And I am here simply to tell you these things
To Testify of Christ.

There is really no other reason.

I work and buy food and clothes and pay my way, yes.

But what I am really doing is two things;

1. Serving Christ
2. Waiting to be with Him in Heaven.

By Anthony James 2013, All rights reserved.

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