Andrew PellFace your Demons
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Face your Demons
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Why are we so afraid to face our demons in life?
Will we feel emotionally wounded by an invisible knife?
Why is the art of inaction so appealing?
Is it because we are so afraid of genuine feeling?

To do nothing or face no foe
Is truly not the desired way to go?
We must face the adversaries that attack our very being.
Eye to eye contact is the only way of seeing.

Do not let your demons take over your life?
To not move forward will attract unnecessary strife.
Face the foe with determination and prayer.
Remember always God really does care.

Conjure up the courage to do battle.
The demonís hearts will invariably rattle.
In the end the demons will flee.
By courage, you have set yourself free.

Be brave and do not falter.
Do not stop and let your will loiter.
Remember the saints who from their labours rest.
They faced their demons and were truly blest.

Face your demons with single purpose of mind.
Inner strength and abundance you will openly find.
Stand firm, stand strong, you can do no wrong.
Already you can hear your noble victory song.

Victory will be yours in the twinkling of an eye.
You have held the faith, your thirst for God will not be denied.
With tears in our eyes we proudly accept our victorious crown.
Life takes on new meaning; you have made a touchdown.

© Andrew Pell 02/08/08

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