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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Family Squabbles
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We all have experienced and contributed to family squabbles.
This causes much anxiety and pain.
With heated arguments both sides have nothing or very little to gain.
Sometimes it can be insane.
Two opposite people divided in open warfare.
This is not God's way or is it fair.
Sit down together and listen positively to each other's side.
Within family and good friends, there shouldn't be anything to hide.
Let the bible and common sense be your Guide.
If no agreement can be reached,
Share a meal together and try again next week.
It is important however to work towards a solution by next week.
Pray to God for the guidance you seek.
God will give you the strength even if you feel weak.
Work towards an agreement today.
Allow the other person to have their say.
A family united means there is a resolution together.
That magical moment will last forever.
Take the family member by the hand.
Share life's journey hand in hand.
Walk together in God's everlasting light.
Every day and every moment will always be bright.
Family squabbles can become a thing of the past.
The Friendship and love families give will always last.
Pray to God now for peace.
His nurturing and love can only increase.
Give your family member a hug today.
Then quietly go to a room and sit down to pray.

Andrew Pell 22/05/2017

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Go on to Father like he tends and spares us, well our feeble frame he knows
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