Andrew PellFather you gave us everything and we were still not happy
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Father you gave us everything and we were still not happy
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

How sinful and selfish is mankind.
We lived in a paradise without sin but with food and shelter yet we wanted more.
Evil and rebellion entered that dream paradise which was a gift from God,
How hurt God must have felt, because he loved us and his divine creation,
If we lived in that paradise we would have felt such joy and elation.
We tried to be good, but we inherited the sin and evil that spread across the Earth.
In this modern age we are focused on work and advancement, but there is nothing wrong with that.
As long as we keep God in our daily lives and pray to our dear Father both morning and night.
God wants us to succeed in our journey throughout our life.
Because of Sin we make mistakes but we pray to God for what we have done.
God loves us all and if we ask him he will forgive us.
He knows our weaknesses, but God is always there as any loving Father would be.
God can open our eyes clearly so we can truly see.
We can see and feel the love and happiness because God holds that beautiful key.
That Key will unlock the darkness and let the true light come into our daily journey in life.
We can also help others in their journey today as well.
Do not be afraid to talk to them, God will show us the way.
Remember the Lordís Prayer. Father, please teach us how to pray.
God loves each and every one of us.
God entrusted the animals into our care as well.
Look after and protect all the animals as well.
They are Godís creation, not meant to be food on the table.
Hunting is an evil a barbaric practice and it should not even be called a sport.
The hunterís do not even give God or the animals a thought.
How sad has humanity become and so emotionally unaware,
Eat the fruit of the trees, the plants of the fields, the rice in the paddocks and farms.
Mankind was never intended to eat the flesh of other animals.
Would you like to experience their pain and fear in the abattoirs and cages?
Pray to God that this may one day cease, and the Earth once more will be a paradise.
Pray to God everyday for guidance and peace towards our fellow beings.
God loves each and every one of us. Let us show that same love and attention to all creation.
In our own way let us try to create and replicate our own Eden.
We can all do it if we have faith and simply try.

© Andrew Pell 19/01/2021

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