Anthony James Father, Have I Ever Not Sinned?
Poetry By Anthony James
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Father, Have I Ever Not Sinned?
Poetry By Anthony James

Oh God-
How will I, a man-
Ever know You, Lord?
Never, not even when it seems to me
That things fall into the places I point-
Nothing will ever be known to me, Father
Not even my tragedies, nor my disappointments
What will this life do for me in it's perfect satisfaction?
If I lose my Soul, unto You Lord Jesus whom has His criteria
When I know a thousand years is one day-
With endless tomorrow's in Your Kingdom-
Which do I See a future
The criteria of a man's heart
Through trial and tribulation?
Who doth walk from Thee, Father?
Who doth sit and weep for answers
At Thy feet, Lord?

You will see fists curled up to Ye!
You will see him who then sits and weeps-
You will see who will then walk from Thee-
And who will stay with Thee-

Who will ever take up a cross as Thee?
I will.
I will forsake this earth for Thee, Lord-

I will lay my life down for you, Lord Jesus.

And even that is in Your Hand.
And even is such is possible or true of me-
I know and always will know, Lord-
That I am a rag of filth in Your Light-
Which is perfect and True Love and Righteous Might!

Oh, Father-
That Your Son, Should Save me?
That Your Son, Should Save me-

I am afraid, for my Truth was made known to me.

March 30, 2011 Anthony James , All rights reserved

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