Anthony James Fear, the End is Near
Poetry By Anthony James
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Fear, the End is Near
Poetry By Anthony James

Look at the Fire
Come in a dream-
See what I mean?

Look at the eyes,
See the Fires?
Watch the Sword-
Cutting, Our Lord-
The True from the Liar-

Beyond Scary-
His Wrath is Total Annihilation
A Celebration!

Forget all the past
It's not going to last
Forget about tomorrow-
Judgement is a steady sorrow

Time is gone away-
When, cometh The Day-
God will Save the Souls
Of his Truth-
His Breath A Firey Tirade

Do you dare,
Do you dare,
Look into the eyes of Love tonight?
Leaving everything else behind-
Eyes that burn with the flames of Love

The chosen and saved-
Aground and in-grave-
Are up, up and away-

It's the end of the World
It's the Day of the Word
It's the Sword of His Tongue
It's the King who has come-

His Word is the Spire-
Cuts like a blade, Purifies
And burns, even fire

May 4, 2011 Anthony James , All rights reserved

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