Andrew PellFinding Abundance
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Finding Abundance
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Alignment with God is finding abundance.
God teaches us patience and connects us to our brilliance.
The divine law comes into motion.
It does not happen by taking a blessed potion.
Align with God for all your needs.
Regardless of your spiritual creed,
Accept in faith that the outcome will happen.
You won’t have to use a cauldron.
Visualize your true desire.
Let God set your heart on fire.
As it is thought and prayed, it will come to pass.
God accepts everyone regardless of religion or class.
Speak with confidence your desire and will.
Give thanks knowing that God will abundantly fill.
Be careful of what you wish for.
It may come knocking at your door.

© Andrew Pell 01/12/2012

Finding Abundance
The painting "All the Town Was Gathered at His Door" (circa 1890s) by James Tissot
Public Domain

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