Anthony James Fixer Upper
Poetry By Anthony James
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Fixer Upper
Poetry By Anthony James

I am a fixer upper,
Whom the Lord has found
A once beautiful Spirit
Abandoned and broken now.
Alone I stand,
Undesirable to any-
I hear Him say;
"One of the few, unlike the many"
For my isolation had left me asleep
But His Words of Hope,
Woke me
Ashamed I drew my curtains
Torn and shredded,
He opened my door
He entered and said
Fret, no more
For I am here to Rebuild you-
I am the Carpenter.
For I am the One who built you from the start,
Whom, I never forgot.
And when you are Renewed,
I am taking you Home with Me.
Where you will be Loved, always Filled,
And never alone.
For I will always be with you.
And you will stand tall, again,
Forever more.

Fixer Upper


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