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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 6-21-06

Two masters many have in this day.
I serve only one many of them will say.
Yet the master they follow the most
Is not the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost!
Their master is one of silver and gold.
They have forgotten of what Jesus told.

I myself have but the one true master that I will follow.
Others have two, the one that is true, and the other that is hollow.
My master, that I shall follow, will lead me in what is right.
To follow the one that is hollow is a life filled with blight.
To follow my master is a path under the sunís bright display.
To follow the path of the other allows your soul to decay.

I will follow the true master, for he knows what I need.
I will follow my master, and live a life without greed.
Through a life following my master, all that is meant to be.
My master shall make it happen for me.
Should his plans for me be of riches and fame.
I will follow my Lord, just the same.

I will follow my Lordís path no matter where it may go.
I will follow my master, for he made it all happen you know.
For through my master, you will have guidance from above.
You will have true friends, along with a family to love.
You will always have everything you may ever need.
You will have everything you need, if itís my Master you heed.

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