Anthony James Forgiveness
Poetry By Anthony James
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Poetry By Anthony James

Forgiveness, a foundation-
A mirror of our own replication-
Who is who?
Am I me?
Or am I you?

Empathy stands above the foundation-
To understand another's plight-
Through one's own mastication-
In this we see through his sight

Sympathy stands above the foundation-
Through one's empathy- comes sympathy-
Of which most find exoneration-
Which brings forth a reached hand
Charity stands above the foundation
To give to another is to forgive one another-
In this there is perfect justification!
Mercy, the tallest pillar-
Standing tall in the midst
Of the 6 pillars juxtaposed-
By God's everlasting Fruit-
Under the paw of the Loving Lamb

Humility stands above the foundation
In such a state as a humble son-
We find we are forgiven, through the forgiven one!

Friendship stands above the foundation
Joined by time and sown by words-
Not family, not stranger, friend
Understanding his shortcomings
We are not easily moved from loyalty

Fear stands above the foundation
A moving force that moves the Soul-
Only two things can move a Soul
Fear is one (love the other)
Through fear we fast become
The forgiving one-
Solid and True-
The foundations of forgiveness-
The stream that flows
Towards a Repentant Glow
Pouring readily upon the Pillar's Foundation
Flowing steadily are the Waters of Salvation-

April 8, 2011 Anthony James , All rights reserved

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