Andrew PellFor the Love of the Lord is His Essence
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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For the Love of the Lord is His Essence
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The essence of God is found in all creation.
All that God has breathed into has animation.
A spiritual connection that will never die;
Godís essence can be found in a new baby born,
Or the sunrise of a sun filled morn.
Every human has been stamped with Godís essence.
Look at one another closely and you can see Godís presence.
Take a walk in the garden and see and feel his spirit.
His love will fill you with peace and speak to you in quiet.
Enticing, breathtaking, freely given to us.
Given with Divine love, without any fuss.
Every animal has Godís seal.
The animalís perception of God is very real.
Everything that exists flows from God.
Nothing in his creation can be odd.
Lovingly he holds us tight.
He walks us through darkness into light.
We stumble and fall but God lifts us back on our feet.
The essence of God is so very sweet.
As a father loves a child so God loves us.
We are his created family, not surplus.
Feel and see the essence of Godís holy love.
We do not need to look into the heavens above.

© Andrew Pell 21/04/11

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