Anthony James For You!
Poetry By Anthony James
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For You!
Poetry By Anthony James

What is most difficult?
Tell me so.
Of earthly means,
I'll conquer whole.

for You!

You gave me this,
a Holy Gift.
My Life,
I am a Man tonight.

What will I do?
And what won't I do?

for You?

I will enter webs and traps.
I will defy the lure of lies.
I will suffer too and cry.
So long as You are before I.

What won't I do?
I'd give my Life!

for You!

I'd take an affliction,
tough as addiction, any day-
and throw it away,

for You!

Just give me some time,
to claw and climb
atop any mountain
for You, any time.

I mean this and will do this
Time and Time I have proved this,
I Love You My Lord
In My Heart, Soul, And Mind!

What won't I do for You?
What will I do for You?
Anything, Every time!

for You!

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