By Dorothy Long
A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from

Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.

By Dorothy Long

Freedom in truth
We all are one.
You are equal to me
And we to the sun.

Amazing the light that fills the earth;
Present inside us since birth.
Hath no beginning and no end.
This truth of our existence our dear friend.

Guide me Oh Lord, my Saving Grace
So that this day I may embrace.
Help me to treasure every blessing
modest and bold;
To cherish the moment
And itís beauty behold.

God, you are amazing!
Your artistry none compare.
Help me to be still
That I may see you there.

Here, my heart floweth over
Like crimson wine to a chalice.
Humble me, Lord
That I may stoop down
To be with the grandeur of a dandelion.
For it is divine, as are we.
Lord, help me to see;
The radiance of a cricket
The exuberance of a snail
The handsomeness of a frog
The melodiousness of a quail.

Lord, turn my head!
Force me to look
Past the dark shadows
And onto the shimmering brook.

Donít let me turn my head away
Until it is time to rest
 In peace from this day.
For, I know
That truth is revealed
When I not only look,
I see.  Amen.

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