Anthony James From the Milky Way
Poetry By Anthony James
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From the Milky Way
Poetry By Anthony James

thy robe Father is my rope
i hold on to it so tight
with all my might
who can pull me from it
but i will cry and fight
to hold it forever
my place of refuge
under your robe
sleeping on your leg when you sit
and you Love me-
i am afraid to be out from beneath this Church
in the wilderness and men among men
all the pain.
all the pain.
but i am here.
born a man
i am a sinner despite my own self
i sin.
no one can tell me i am not,
not when i cannot tell myself this thing
oh mother, i know that you too are a sinner
when will you admit it?
and i am all grown up now
had my drink
had my drug
fornicated and polluted and died a filthy man
my God.
my God.
i once thought, in deception and confusion
that i was like You.
and now, I weep in disbelief
that You would have Saved me.
and even ask ....
how was it possible?
and now my chest is pounding
and even roaring...
for there is a Lion in me
a Fierce Fire Flows Eternally-
and I am a Son, Adopted-
A wretch, like me.
A King, Bowing Before The King of Kings
In Royalty-
and I see some asking me
where are you from?
" a planet we called Earth, in the Galaxy, Milky Way "
- and they know I was a sinner -
and they know what it is to be
and they know, that I overcame the world
In Christ's Way.
And they kiss my hand
and I walk away.

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