Andrew PellThe Garden of Eden in a modern Suburban City
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Garden of Eden in a modern Suburban City
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We all know the Story of the Garden of Eden in Paradise.
How simplistic and beautiful would that World have been?
God walked with them in the Garden every single day.
They pondered and listened to what God had to say.
Suddenly Evil entered into the Paradise they enjoyed.
God cast them out of Paradise and sent them on their way.
The paradise was changed forever and spiraled down into sin and decay.
However because of Christís Death and resurrection all sin was forgiven.
Evil still had a foothold and was left to roam and destroy.
We can still enjoy a Garden of Eden even in a modern Suburban City,
Two Commandments teach us to Love God and Love your neighbor.
Loving God will be an anchor of loving God and Loving righteousness.
Loving your neighbor will be an anchor of peace and harmony.
Even living in a concrete jungle can still enjoy a paradise on earth.
Itís all up to you to embrace and follow Godís holy Word.
When that happens, you will be living in a Garden of Eden.
With God all things are possible.
Accept and Praise our heavenly Father, because Godís word is light and truth.

© Andrew Pell 12/11/2020

(This Picture is in the Public Domain)

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