Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Gently is a thought upon the summer dry spell. It is one which has been slowly working upon my mind. One that came full cycle this morning may you enjoy it .

Written August 1, 2009

Gently Lord, do allow the rain.
Gently allow for it to remain.
Here upon the grass ever so dry.
Gently allow it to slowly pass by.

Gently allow it to rain this day.
Humbly to the Lord we do pray.
Humbly we ask this; our Lord to give.
Give us a gentle rain to help us live.

Gently let the rain soak into the ground.
Then your bow before us; let it be found.
Let your beauty and grace by us be seen.
As gently Lord; you return the grass to green.

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