Andrew PellGod is our Umbrella
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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God is our Umbrella
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

When it rains we put up an umbrella to keep dry.
The normal scenario is that when it rains it buckets down from the sky.
If we don’t have that life saving umbrella we get soaked.
It is always there like everyday soap.
It is exactly the same with our spiritual lives.
Things go very wrong and our lives take a dive.
But we always have God safely locked away in our cupboard.
God is the creator of everything, but we keep him locked away and ignored.
Then one day it is raining hard and our world is in trouble.
We don’t want our lives to turn to rubble.
Then we remember we have God safely locked away.
We say, “Lets get him out so we can hear what he has to say”
We know he will protect us in our time of need.
We make the promise, “help us Lord and we will do a good deed.”
But strange enough, God will help us in this troubled time.
He will always be there for us; we don’t need a heavenly sign.
Use that umbrella everyday, rain or shine.
Regardless of the circumstances you can always say, “God is here and God is mine”

© Andrew Pell 23/02/08

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