GOD KNOWSM. Linda Steffey
Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

Our children shot, neglected
Some raised by children yet..
Many starved, abused, abandoned
Some on drugs do get!
Society has no patience
"Jail them!"...they roar
The world goes on uncaring..
But God knows the score!

Sad and weary, lonely..
The old sit and wait
Not looking for tomorrow
And death soon their fate...
Society doesn't want them
Their worth is no more
The world goes on living
But God knows the score!

No tolerance for race here
Many faiths are hated, too!
And the female is not equal here
Same story....nothing new..
The poor are growing poorer
And the rich want more and more
And the world grows more greedy
But God knows the score!

Animals have no rights here
They're poisoned, shot, and used
For we pick on the defenseless
To persecute, abuse...
Extinction is our problem
Each day the numbers soar
Yet the world goes on killing...
But God knows the score!

Our ego is our problem
And our pride gets in our way
We are what we think
And better watch what we say...
Love and forgiveness
We must learn, not ignore
Humanity is in school here
And God knows the score!!....

(c) M. Linda Steffey 1990

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