Andrew PellGod on High
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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God on High
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Every living creature shout praise to God on high.
His presence and his return is nigh.
His power, his majesty and power are like an iron rod.
He is omnipotent, resplendent, he is the Lord our God.
Praise to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Menís hearts will tremble, the evil doers will boast.
Every creature in this universe, praise the creator.
He alone can unlock the door.
The evil will be cut down and trampled on like grass.
Their time is past.
Give your heart to the Lord while there is still time.
Embrace the light. Let his song be a beautiful rhyme.
He will come swiftly. His judgment will fall on the wicked.
Spiritual truths will they be fed.
And yet, his total love will go out to all.
All nations will hearken to his call.
All will acknowledge him as Lord and King.
The heavenly and earthly choir, his praise will they sing.
He will take us by the hand and brighter days will follow.
In peopleís hearts will there be no more sorrow.
Wake up to that glorious dawn.
Herald in that beautiful morn.
All creatures will live in peace.
All hatred and violence will cease.
The Lion and the Lamb will roam together.
Love between nations will be forever.
Through the darkness shines the light.
When Christ returns, it will be so radiant and bright.
The waters will be pure and clear.
In Menís hearts there will no longer be any fear.
The atmosphere will be restored and made clean
Miracles will happen that mankind has never seen.
Darkness and oppression will be a thing of the past.
These prophecies will happen very fast.
My peace and love I freely give to everyone.
My words will shine in your heart like the noontide sun.
Here ends another missal of my words.
They will fly to and fro like two beautiful birds.
Let my words set your heart aflame
Do not gamble your heritage like a game.
Embrace me now while you still may.
Once again there is much I need to say.

© Andrew Pell 04/09/2004

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