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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Godís Parliament
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Godís Parliament is a wonderful judicial entity.
It embodies many angels and archangels to provide justice and liberty.
Godís platform is Love and peace for all.
He holds everyone up high so no one will ever fall.
At the centre of Parliament is Godís eternal throne.
He is the Alpha and Omega seated in a vast celestial dome.
Around the throne are 24 elders continually praising and singing.
The Parliament bells are continually ringing.
Their song is never ending, Holy holy. Holy is the Lord.
Godís proclamations cannot be ignored.
He works for manís salvation with his inner Cabinet.
Godís Government is eternal; the sun will never set.
One hundred and forty four thousand gather together for the debate.
The debate is long, it may last many centuries; they close the Parliamentary gate.
Under Godís guidance the Parliament governs the entire universe and myriads of galaxies.
Those in Parliament work together and continually pray on their knees.
The Parliamentary speaker is Jesus Christ our defender and advocate.
He speaks on our behalf and for a fallen world he will not forsake.
He pleads mercy and justice for those he represents.
His passion and determination never relents.
He has paid the tariff so all may enter in.
A Parliamentary decree has pardoned us and freed us from sin.
He came before as a Parliamentary ambassador to present Love and equality.
The world at that time was in a spiritual darkness and only a few could see.
He has been commissioned to come again as the Supreme Judge and licensed speaker for the Parliamentary Jury.
Those who Love darkness and evil will taste the Parliamentary fury.
For those who turn to him their pardon from God is guaranteed.
He will wash away all tears and comfort those in need.
Gods Parliament needs Ambassadors and diplomats to reach people on earth.
Their diplomatic brief is short. Pave the way for love and peace to experience a rebirth.

© Andrew Pell 17/11/07

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