Anne S. Moore Goodbye Again...
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Goodbye Again...

With fiendish fury
Space’s magic wand shrivels the
Monster jet into a
And sunset’s golden fingers reach out to
Clasp it.
Ha! That gleeful sun ducks behind the
Gray horizon and slips my
In his pocket.
I turn—
To look at darkness.

The birds will not sing again ‘til dawn.
A sad pup will whimper,
But I am not allowed to cry.
Stuffed animals with cotton hearts
Stare at matchbox cars—
Tangled heap,
Deserted and powerless,
Their motor voice stilled
For the long, lonely night.

From the street
Children sounds (sparrows chirping)
Suddenly loud
Cruel and piercing
Jabbing and hurting
A writhing earthworm
Again and again and again . . .

At last—a voice at midnight:
“I know—
I hurt, too.
I wept,
I sweat blood,
I was tormented and pierced and
Many times,
And I had a broken heart.

“Cry—why not?
It will wash your heart.
Then, bend your head back and
Look up—way up.
There see a glow—
A friendly sun that never sets, and
Birds and angels smile and sing
A rare gift—
Alive, impatient, careless,
Red-cheeked and sweaty,
A unique package
Wrapped in denim and striped jersey—
Is given again
To Me.”

© Anne S. Moore, January 1973

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