Andrew PellThe Gracious calling of the Lord
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The Gracious calling of the Lord
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A line from the Hymn Dear Lord and Father of Mankind by John Greenleaf Whittier)

Our Divine Master and Lord, calls us from afar to rise up and follow him.
When we hear this call we obediently rise up and follow him.
He singles us out to be a follower of his word even in this modern age.
Even in this time, when we accept his call, the heavenly hosts cry out and sing.
It is not so hard to hear his call and our life is changed like so many others.
We are never alone our Lord sends his Angels to watch over us and protect us.
It is always accomplished through Divine Love.
His Spirit descends to us like a gentle Dove.
In this Covid world we live in, Our Lord and Master will bring us peace.
Our Love for God and his heavenly realm can only increase.
Do not despair his word is refreshing as crystal clear water.
We give thanks and humbly kneel at his altar.
We say a prayer and give thanks.
For the Lord is with us, we accept the gracious calling of the Lord.
For we to will rise up and follow our Lord and Master.

Andrew Pell 2/11/2020


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