Poetry by Tammy C. Smith
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Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

Her grand vessel was only but a simple leaf

I felt I was imposing, my presence like a thief

She was so peaceful, drifting by me without care

He was all she needed; He would take her there

She was lovely. Clearly no despair did she spend

The leaf would take her safely to her journey’s end

She looked right at me; we kept our gaze for a time

Suddenly I realized as her eyes held mine

What amazing faith she had!  In life!  In the world!

To step right in the water onto that leaf curled

Up slightly at the edges but she found no fault

To her a vehicle that God for her had bought

She did not question how and why, she simply did

What she must to travel the creek on that leaf hid

As the waters moved her gently with soft current

I was struck by her beauty and for one moment

I felt the wonder of it all!  His grace, His plan

For all of His creation, both for beasts and man

This was no accident, a simple leaf afloat

This was planned by Him and how many years ago?

This journey of a life on creek atop a leaf

To me a miracle!  Again I was a thief

I was overcome: with His presence, her beauty

The creek gently flowing with miracles to see

I felt inspired, humbled and so grateful too

To share this very moment with another who

Also had faith in Him, in His plan with no doubts

Her future struggles-she did not worry about

She was alive now; today, following his lead

And; if tomorrow, she knew he would meet her needs

I envied and admired her aire of:  O.K.

But I also learned a lot by the creek that day

Did I have faith enough to step onto His leaf

For the journeys of my life?  Or cower like a thief?

Did I have the courage to trust in God that much

To step into the water and feel the current rush

Me into His master plan? My own leaf yet to see?

I have so much to learn and that’s what she taught me.

On that vessel made of leaf as she drifted by

We shared a special moment, that Grasshopper and I.

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