Andrew PellHe will return
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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He will return
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Christ will return at the appointed time,
When mankind is on the brink of total destruction,
When the lightning flashes from East to west will be the sign,
Otherwise there will be complete and total devastation
There will be chaos and darkness all over the land.
No one will escape unless God intervenes.
With God everything is planned.
Nothing will be what it used to be.
Misery and despair everywhere,
Only Christ holds the key.
Man has knowledge but not wisdom.
Many will try to flee.
No one listened to the prophets of old.
Total darkness and total misery,
Christ will return and usher in a new era.
God’s enemies will finally be defeated.
With God’s rule peace and harmony will last for ever
The Lion will lay down with the Lamb.
“Arise, o morning star
Arise and never set”

(c) Andrew Pell 10/05/2018

Last Judgement
This painting is called “The Last judgement” by Jean Cousin 1560

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